Monday, 31 March 2014

Week in photos

Some say there are too many photos on this blog. I asked two of my friends what they think and both: Monica and Iwona said - too less! Give more! Well, it is always the same - each person has a different opinion. I am working on the text (Cycek’s story) but lately times just flies. I know you are waiting. Please, be more patient.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great week!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Week in photos  

Another very busy week passed by. Since Kala joined our family everything is upside down. Raising a puppy from the scratch is a big thing. And time consuming. When weekend comes and the weather is good we take Kala to the beach. This is her time to run freely (as this is not possible in the city). The result - no time for writing!

Here are photos taken last week. Enjoy!

All cats love to help me with paper work.

Thank you for dropping by. See you next time!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Week in photos

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. I agree with that. 

When my friend Iwona learned about a blog idea she asked me to put in a lot of photos ;) The series 'Week in photos' will tick the box. 

Every Sunday I will put int photos of my cats and a dog I took in the past week.

Next post soon - a story of my oldest cat Cycek.

Thanks for visiting and see you next time! :D

Monday, 10 March 2014

Welcome to Cats & Secrets

The idea of writing this blog was born almost a year ago. Actually, it was my friend Monica, who first came up with this. 'You have 3 cats. You always have something to say about them.   Write a blog!  I would like to read all these stories in one place!' This is more or less how she tried to bring me round to blogging.

Monica won. I setup a blog main page and 7 months passed since then. There was a small thing left - finding the time to write...  I have not found a lot of it (especially as 3 weeks ago a puppy joined our family), but I will try to make this blog a part of my family’s busy life.

Monica - this is an official start of Cats & Secrets - I dedicate it to you and your two lovely lady cats – maybe one day you will allow me to write about them ;)

I also welcome everyone, who will come here, to read about my humans-cats-and-a-dog family: my dog and cats’ stories, their everyday life, how they live together, what makes them happy, how I look after them and their health.

I decided not to change the name of the blog although now it is obvious my blog will cover some of dog’s stories (and many cats and a dog’s). At the end of the day cats are still in majority.

Before a first post comes up – a short presentation (longer and detailed will be given later).

My family:

I and my husband – humans, we can skip that part ;)

Cycek – almost 4 years old male cat, rescued from the street or should I say he decided to adopt us when he was about 3 months, our home sheriff (local boss as we say)

Scooter –3 years old male cat, adopted (found on the internet when was 8 weeks old, in one of the add in a section ‘free kitties to good home’)

Rusia – almost 2 years old female cat, Siberian, bought from a legal cattery when she was 4.5 months (registered name FORESTSIDE Eire)

Kala – 15-weeks terrier cross puppy, adopted from H.A.R.T (Homeless Animal Rescue Team) North Cork Area 3 weeks ago.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a nice week! See you soon!