Monday, 10 March 2014

Welcome to Cats & Secrets

The idea of writing this blog was born almost a year ago. Actually, it was my friend Monica, who first came up with this. 'You have 3 cats. You always have something to say about them.   Write a blog!  I would like to read all these stories in one place!' This is more or less how she tried to bring me round to blogging.

Monica won. I setup a blog main page and 7 months passed since then. There was a small thing left - finding the time to write...  I have not found a lot of it (especially as 3 weeks ago a puppy joined our family), but I will try to make this blog a part of my family’s busy life.

Monica - this is an official start of Cats & Secrets - I dedicate it to you and your two lovely lady cats – maybe one day you will allow me to write about them ;)

I also welcome everyone, who will come here, to read about my humans-cats-and-a-dog family: my dog and cats’ stories, their everyday life, how they live together, what makes them happy, how I look after them and their health.

I decided not to change the name of the blog although now it is obvious my blog will cover some of dog’s stories (and many cats and a dog’s). At the end of the day cats are still in majority.

Before a first post comes up – a short presentation (longer and detailed will be given later).

My family:

I and my husband – humans, we can skip that part ;)

Cycek – almost 4 years old male cat, rescued from the street or should I say he decided to adopt us when he was about 3 months, our home sheriff (local boss as we say)

Scooter –3 years old male cat, adopted (found on the internet when was 8 weeks old, in one of the add in a section ‘free kitties to good home’)

Rusia – almost 2 years old female cat, Siberian, bought from a legal cattery when she was 4.5 months (registered name FORESTSIDE Eire)

Kala – 15-weeks terrier cross puppy, adopted from H.A.R.T (Homeless Animal Rescue Team) North Cork Area 3 weeks ago.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a nice week! See you soon!


  1. Finally! Can't wait to read your stories in one place :)

    1. Thank you Magda. Drop by on Sunday, first story should be here ;)